About The Bowerbird

Established in 1989, The Bowerbird in Old Lyme, Connecticut represents the quintessential family shopping experience. The Bowerbird strives to offer products and services that reflect quality, uniqueness, affordability and fun with an emphasis on superior customer service.

With over 4500 square feet of "impulsive necessities", from over 2,000 vendors, their vast selection of great gifts includes; decorative home and garden accessories, toys, baby gifts, stationery, jewelry, gourmet food ; all that’s fun, special, and trendy. Worth the trip from anywhere… and now "anywhere"
is as close as your home computer.

Enter THEBOWERBIRD.COM and enjoy.

From Websters:

Bow·er·bird/ ‘bau(-?)r-berd/ n:
any of various passerine birds (family Paradisaedae) of Australian region that build chambers or passages arched over with twigs and grasses, often adorned with bright-colored objects, and used especially to attract the females.

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